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Deyonte' Weather Collection

Deyonte' Weather Collection's Bio:

   Deyonte’ Weather was born and raised in Chicago Illinois. Chicago is a place of great inspiration with its beautiful architecture, Lake Michigan, and city streets filled with stylish ladies adorning the latest fashions. Growing up in Chicago was no easy feet. This was a challenge, however with the support of his big family and mother Wendy, he made it further than he could have ever imagined.  Wendy is a fashionista in her own right, and was Deyonte’s inspiration for fashion.    Deyonte’ began his career studying fashion design at the International Academy of Design and Technology. While in college he was inspired to launch his own fashion line called DW Fashion later changing it Deyonte’ Weather Collection. His first showcase was at the historical Regal Theater in Chicago back in 2008. Since then he has shown numerous collections around the United States. Deyonte’ has mastered the art of creating nothing into something.     Deyonte’ has a knack for helping women feel beautiful, and it definitely translates into a saucy aesthetic.  His garments are hip, edgy, and glamorous. Deyonte’ use of materials are unlimited. Women love the way they look, and more importantly the way the feel in his garments. Most DWC garments are one-of-a kind, so no showing up finding someone else wearing your look.    Deyonte’ has been featured in Portland Fashion Week, Metropolitan Fashion Week, Miss Front Row blog, Moda & Estilo blog, Bora Bora blog, Tinsel Tokyo Magazine, NW Prodigy Magazine, Mode Magazine, and The Look reality show in Seattle WA.    

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Marketing, Interior Design, Human Rights, Music, Advertising, Carpentry, Roller Skating, Visual Arts, Business, Real Estate, and Barbering.

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